1. Twilite

From the recording Twilite

written by Cynthia Osborn Matullo and Jack Yoder

Cynthia Osborn Matullo - Vocals
Jack Yoder - Guitar
Ed Behan - Bass
Linda Bolley - Drums, Backing Vocals

Recorded at Sound and Fury Studios
Engineered by Linda Bolley and Jack Yoder
Produced by Elroy's Big Machine
Mixed by Dede Vogt at Sound and Fury Studios
Mastered by Glenn Matullo at Orphan Studios


Blue Moon shinin up above

Soft winds blowin words of love

Out on the desert evening shadows fall

Lovers walkin hand in hand

Dreamin dreams makin plans

The nights magic it starts to take a hold

I'm dreamin of your love

Your kisses too

My darlin don't you know

I'm so in love with you

I see you standin in the night

My heart surrenders at the sight

I've been waitin for this moment all my life

Take my hand and take my heart

Come walk with me beneath the stars

Let's make a wish we'll hold on really tight

Where the blue of the day

Meets the pale moonlight

Someone waits for me