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  1. Alone in a Crowd
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Alone in a Crowd

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Written by Jack Yoder

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Yoder

Jack Yoder - guitars, bass and vocals
Virginia Brightman - backing vocals


Pulled off the interstate

One exit too soon

In a dusty old

Forgotten Kansas town

Been here once before

So I thought I'd snake my way through

‘Cause you know me

I don't like to turn around

Found an open station

By the turn in the road

By the grain elevator

The biggest thing around

Strangers stopped to look at me

As they smoked outside a bar

Reminding me that I'm the stranger now


Can't help but feelin

All alone in a crowd

‘Cause all the pretty ones

Remind me of you

You'd think I'd forgotten

All about you by now

But no one else will ever be like you

Went in to pay for gas

And maybe a cup of Joe

When I saw a car

That gave me a pause

The back window was covered

With stickers just like yours

Not your car unless you're doing better now


The sun had passed

The lights were dull

As I tried to pull away

When I swear I heard

You calling out my name

I turned to look as if you were

Smiling back at me

And after all these years

You'd almost look the same