Band of the Year, 2019 (Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts) - Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame

Best Self Produced Blues CD for "Songs We Don't Know", 2012 - Colorado Blues Society
Best Solo/Duo Act (Jack Yoder), 2012 - Colorado Blues Society
Quarterfinalist, Solo Duo category, 2013 - International Blues Challenge, Blues Foundation, Memphis

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Benzedrine - Jack Yoder and The Two Piece Suit
from the album Songs We Don't Know (2012)

2012 has been a great year for Jack Yoder, marked by the release of the self-produced Songs We Don't Know and for winning the Colorado Blues Society competition for best solo blues artist of 2012. Both the record and Jack will be competing at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee next month. Nice way to kick of 2013.

Jack Yoder has an encyclopedic knowledge of tone. Mention a song and he can dial up the tone and play you the tune. Doesn't matter if its Hubert Sumlin or Bob Mould, shut your eyes and that's the sound. It is a gift. Mixed with his own musicianship and songwriting skills, it produces jaw-dropping results.

Benzedrine is a song I really dig off of this record. Expertly written, Jack gives us a throwback vibe that would sound great on any of the recent Bob Dylan albums...
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Black Was The Tide - Jack Yoder
Single (2010)

Jack Yoder is an undiscovered American Treasure. A gifted songwriter and musician, his songs speak to our inner demons in a way that leaves me breathless and raw. Black Was The Tide was written and recorded during his years playing in New Orleans. This song goes beyond the BP Oil Spill, lending a voice to the neglected and the discarded... To read more of this blog from 40wattgigolo click here

Crowd Reviews from  

I can not express how much I have enjoyed listening to this song. I love it, the lyrics, the vocal sounds, the writing style and the instrumentals are all simply excellent in my mind 

I like the band. The band was really good and had direction for this track. The song was creative and smooth very professional sounding. The singer has a sexy voice. 

(OK…that one was my favorite. JY) 

This artist really reminds me of the Wallflowers. I really like his voice and the band behind him sound great. The lyrics are strong and well written. I think this band could have a huge following like the Wallflowers. 

This guy sounds like Tom Petty to me. Love the vibe he going on here with this song. The guitar playing was def different and interesting. 

This is a very good song. I like the guitar riffs, they play very well. It has that vintage grungy feeling to it. I would recommend this to my friends. 

I liked the name of the song and the intro of the song. I think that the instrumentals were good and the rhythm of the song was great also. I liked the vocals and most elements of the song. 

I love the way the instrumentals give this song such a serious edge to listen to, they make it deep, make the lyrics sound more profound and the artist did a wonderful job with the effects of them. 

I really liked the guitar playing in this song. I think it was very chill and allowed me to sit back and relax during the whole song. I really liked the vocals as well. 

I think this song has a lot of interesting qualities to it. I like the roughness of the vocalist and the guitar. It tells a story of hard times, travel and loss. 

The guitar work on this track was good. The vocals reminded me of Tom Petty. The whole thing was produced fairly well. I would give this one another listen 

The production quality as well as the quality of the sound are both good on this track. I really like the guitar playing here as well on this song. 

The song has a nice country feel to it that's quite nice and refreshing the lyrics are well-thought-out and the song itself sounds great. By the song it seems like I would classify this more as a country type song it's very well composed and nice easy listening 

The sound quality of this song is very good. The artist has decent vocals and I really like the music to this song. The lyrics are also great. Nice job on this song. 

"Stuck In The Mud" by Jack Yoder was a fun folk song. The guitar picking was pretty nice, with a touch of rock and roll to it. The lead singer had a raspy but dramatic voice. There was a nice guitar solo in there.